Monday, April 4, 2016

What I want to do with my non-teaching time

Or, in other words what I do when I'm not being a computer-based bum. And are cheap, free, or generate income of some kind.

- Go on really long walks in the woods and on the beach. We're talking hours here.

- Cook lovely, delicious food.

- Garden, or do garden-related projects.

- Taking close-up pictures of plants, animals, and fungi.

- Potlucks, board game nights, and movie nights.

- Going on hikes and camping trips, ideally with friends.

- Teaching others about plants and animals, food, gardening, cooking, etc.

- Learning about nutrition and longevity.

- Bike. Really long bike rides.

- Yoga, acroyoga, and handstands.

- Meditation and journaling.

- Foraging for and preserving foods. 

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