Monday, April 7, 2014

Designing a living space that meets your needs

      Moving into the new apartment, where we'll be living together alone for the first time in our adult lives, gives us an opportunity to create a living space that meets our own shared desires, without having to compromise with renters and roommates. This is a really exciting prospect for me. We get to design our environment in a way that suits us, and reflects ourselves, rather than one that meets the generalized expectations of what is normal in order to not scare away potential renters.

     As I consider what we will move into the new place, and what we will sell, I find myself considering what purposes each room will serve. Our bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen still serve the usual purposes, but our living room is where my mind keeps drifting towards when I lose focus on studying.

     For us, the living room will probably be used mostly for acroyoga and game nights, where we usually end up on the floor. What would be the purpose of a couch in this room? We have a couch currently, but honestly, I more often lean against it than actually sit on it. So we're probably going to sell the couch, and use the money to buy cushions, which make sitting on the floor much more accessible for many people, and are easy to put out of the way when it's time to do acroyoga.

     We already don't have a tv, so our living room in my minds eye looks like a mostly empty room, with some house plants near the window, a crash mat, yoga mats, and some brightly colored cushions. Certainly, far from what people expect in a living room, but is serves the needs and functions of the room.

     I can't wait to move!

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