Saturday, April 5, 2014

The prefect day for transplanting

      Is a day exactly like today: overcast, with high humidity and a slight mist. The high humidity and cool temperatures allow plants to start working on rebuilding their root structures, without suffering much water loss through their leaves.

     I took advantage of the weather by moving over the rest of the walking onions, and transplanting green onions, lettuce seedlings, and one artichoke. So now the first 3/2rds of the garden bed look like this:

I'm thinking about getting a second garden bed just to grow kale, swiss chard, basil, cilantro, and more lettuce. I think once I have the rosemary, thyme, and sage in this garden bed it'll be pretty full. On the other hand, I might pot up the rosemary, sage, and thyme and keep them on the patio. I'm not sure yet, and it would be another $25.

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